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Whatcom Community College Bookstore

Textbook Rentals

WCC Bookstore now hosts its own in-store textbook rental program (no more clunky kiosks to navigate).

Here is how it works:

  1. Visit the bookstore and locate your course tag on the shelves. If there are rental prices associated with a course, you may rent any one of the copies on the shelf. Rental prices are clearly marked.

  2. Please bring the books you wish to rent to the cashier with any other purchases you may have.

  3. Using a debit or credit card that you provide, cashiers will process all your items (rentals and purchases) in one easy transaction. Or you may split pay transactions, using cash or check for non-rental items and a credit card for the rental books. A credit card is required for all rentals.

  4. Your rented textbooks are due back in the bookstore by the last day of the quarter. Please make sure to keep your rental books in good resalable condition (covers and pages not torn, still fully bound, no water damage, etc).

  5. If a rented textbook is not returned by the deadline, your credit card will be charged the full retail cost (NEW OR USED) for the book.

So now it is even simpler to rent your books at your WCC Bookstore.
Please let us know if you have any questions regarding textbook rentals.