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Whatcom Community College Bookstore
Course Material Ordering Process

Timeline of Important Dates:

  • The Bookstore’s letter of request for upcoming quarter requisitions will be emailed to faculty four weeks into the preceding quarter.
  • Requisition forms for the upcoming quarter are due to the Bookstore two weeks prior to the first day of registration (currently enrolled students). Courses without requisitions will be listed as, “No information provided-see instructor” until instructor provides adoption information. Requisitions for fall quarter are due during spring quarter.
  • The course material list will be posted to the WCC Bookstore website on the first day of registration for that upcoming academic quarter (per HEOA requirements).

Process for Submitting Requisition Forms:

  • Instructors should submit individual forms for each course.
  • Requisition forms will be available in the following places:
    • In person from the Bookstore
    • Attached to the emailed letter of request
    • The WCC Bookstore website (under “Staff” area)
    • The staff site (under forms/bookstore)
  • Some areas (Math, English, ESL, ESLA, Allied Health areas) should consult with their area coordinators before submitting requisitions.
  • All forms should be delivered to Robert Perks at the WCC Bookstore:
    Robert Perks

The Bookstore can help research availability and pricing of course materials. Please confirm retail pricing with the Bookstore before quoting prices to students. If course materials are unavailable or will be delayed, the Bookstore will notify the instructor.

Additional Ordering Criteria:
Uniform Adoption Program:
  1. All sections of multi-sectioned courses (Math 97-sections a,b,c, etc.) are expected to use the same core textbook or no text at all.
  2. Once a core text is adopted for a particular course number, that text will continue to be used for the remaining life of the edition or a minimum of two years. Instructors may also choose to use no text.

  • Instructors may choose a supplemental text in addition to the designated text (1996 amendment).
  • ENGL 100,101,102 instructors have a choice between either of two pre-designated writing/rhetoric books and either of two pre-designated readers (2002 amendment).
  • Instructors may choose low-cost copy duplicated materials in lieu of the designated text (2002 amendment).
  • Online sections maybe exempt from the uniform adoption provision regarding multi-sectioned courses.
  • Allied Health/Tech Prep areas-Instructors are encouraged to reuse materials, but may choose any text (2006 amendment).

If a department determines that it can no longer utilize a particular text, the department may change the material, following one full quarter’s/90 days prior notice to the Bookstore.

General Background & Rationale:

This program was developed in 1994 as part of the initial founding of the WCC Bookstore. The primary purpose of the program was and is to save students money on their course material purchases. Direct benefits include lower prices through volume purchasing, lower shipping costs through local procurement (buyback), less general administrative costs, higher buyback values, increased scale and scope of potential book rental titles, as well as stability and continuity in academic material coverage. This program has saved students two million dollars in upfront textbook costs over the past 18 years as well as hundreds of thousands of dollars in increased buyback values. This program supports recent federal and state government directives concerning education cost awareness, reduction, and transparency (see WAC 516-40-010).

Returnability Program:

The Bookstore will only order course materials that are 100% returnable to the original vendor, including customizable texts.


Non-returnable course materials may be ordered by the bookstore if the academic department or Instruction Office provides financial responsibility for any unsold material. (1999 amendment)

General Background & Rationale:

As part of the discussions for the initial founding of the College’s bookstore, it was determined by WCC’s administration that unused and nonreturnable textbook retail merchandise had the potential to significantly undermine bookstore profitability. The Bookstore and the College do not have budgeted funding to absorb written-off retail merchandise. The Bookstore has been directed not to order nonreturnable retail course material.